Monday, August 10, 2009

Good times, bad times

I had a wonderful time at Girls Camp (pictures to come soon), but came home to some sadness. Thursday night, Isaac and Geoff were making homemade popcorn and Isaac reached for the pot with hot oil in it, spilling it on his upper thigh to below his knee. Geoff reacted quickly, pulling his pjs off and putting him in the sink with cold water. He went to our pediatrician who sent him to the Burn Unit up in Salt Lake City where they scrapped off the burned skin and bandaged him. Imagine coming home and seeing your little boy like this! I was a definitely a mess for a couple days. It breaks my heart that Geoff had to go through it alone, but I'm so grateful for him and the loving and tender daddy that he is. He was able to comfort Isaac and take care of him so wonderfully.

Isaac has been so brave through the whole ordeal. We have experienced many miracles already. We change the bandages twice a day and bathe him at night, cleaning the burn area to ward off infection. Not much is worse to me than this, putting my child in pain. He is very stiff in the morning and not able to move his leg. He uses Lucy's baby stroller as a "walker" until he is able to walk on his own. I've been reminded over this ordeal what a sweet, sweet boy he is and what a tender spirit he has.

I will be taking him to the Burn Unit again on Friday where they will assess the burn and determine if he will need skin grafts and how much longer he'll need to stay bandaged. We are praying for a positive diagnosis.

Here is a picture of his leg wrapped. I decided not-wrapped was a little too graphic.