Monday, February 26, 2007

Little Miss Wright

I know you might think this is cheesy - but let's be honest this whole birth thing is pretty incredible (and if you've never seen an ultrasound you might find this educational.)

Click here to see a Quicktime video of our soon to arrive (June 8th) little lady.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Isaac's Eye Surgery

Before the surgery.

Isaac's surgery monkey.

Giving daddy love.

An anxious mommy. Can you tell I'm not a morning person??

Today we took Isaac in at 5:45am for his eye surgery. His tear ducts have been clogged or closed since he was born and we decided for his quality of vision, that it was time to take care of it. It was a very simple and speedy surgery (Probe and Irragation), all of about 5 minutes that he was under, still it was a bit nerve -racking for two parents who've never been through something like this before. He was a very brave boy though and didn't even cry when they took him back. When he came back to us, one of his eyes was bloody and so was his nose, but other than that he was just fine! I have a whole new respect for those parents out there who have to see their babies being taken away from them and put their trust in a doctor, it's not an easy thing. We feel blessed that this was only a very minor thing, and that he is doing just fine now.

Monday, February 19, 2007

We are...a snowman family

Geoff and Isaac enjoyed the snow much more than I did today. Can Spring please come, now? I did come out to see this delightful snow-rendition of our family done by my boys. Please note the sideview of my "snow belly".

A few from the concert

So some of our friends are good friends with the talented sir you see in the above pictures. His name is Kalai, and he rocks. Geoff and I have been to several of his concerts and so when they called and asked if I would take some pictures at his concert this weekend, I was so excited. Only after making sure that it was very clear that I am not professional and that he wouldn't hate me if none of the pictures turned out. I'm sure all the concert-goers were wondering who the big prego lady was all up in Kalai's grill.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Flip flops and fifty degrees

Isaac woke up from his nap and I was in a picture taking mode. I let him pick out his shoes (2 sizes too big!), and of course he wanted the cape. This boy cracks me up!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


We had an early lunch group this week because our old roomate Kelly (and Jen's older sister) was in town. It's always SO good to see her and I'm so happy that she takes time to see us when she is in town. Here's a picture of all of us, minus Livi (and Blake) who was off doing her own thing as usual. We welcome our newest lunch group member, Ethan.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Isaac and Ethan

Isaac and I went over to see my bestfriend Amy's day old son, Ethan Michael Dover today. Isaac was talking non-stop about him all the way there, and then when we got there he was very quiet and not sure about it all, until Ethan stuck his tongue out which he thought was hilarious. Ethan is so darling and I'm so excited for Isaac to have a baby of his own to hold soon.