Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Good news!!

The final verdict today from the doctors is that no skin grafts will be needed on Isaac's leg! He will need to stay bandaged for a week or more till it fully heals, but after that, just some cut off tights to keep pressure on the scar while it forms. Hopefully they have some that aren't pink...

When we were leaving the hospital, Isaac said, "Mom, isn't that great that I don't have to have skin grafts! (pause) What's a skin graft?" I told him that they would take some skin from his bum and put it on his leg where the skin wasn't healing. To that he replied, "That's disgusting mom!" Oh the things kids say!

We are on cloud 9 and feeling SO incredibly blessed. It has only been reiterated that God does listen and answer prayers, even from little families like ours. Thank YOU for your prayers that joined with ours and helped make a miracle happen.


**what's up with Photobucket? I have lots of storage left.