Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lucy Marseille

She's back to taking naps (when there aren't workers pounding on something), not waking up at nights (well, mostly), and is on day #3 of only wearing big girl undies with no accidents! As the mom of this two year-old, I'm breathing a big sigh of relief. Her life seems to be the one that was the most upset by all the moving around and changing of routines.

After her nap yesterday, she woke up cranky, which baffles me. I asked her, "Why are you so happy, and then so cranky?" She looked at me with a very serious face and said, "I Batman girl mom." Well then, no explanation necessary.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Birthday weekend

Isaac could not have been more excited to FINALLY get to celebrate his birthday. He requested a Batman theme (who in reality he knows next to nothing about), so we obliged. We had a Super Hero training course, a Batman throwing star game, and a lunch filled with yellow and black items (sandwiches cut into a bat, blue corn tortilla chips and queso dip, pineapple and olives) and of course, a Batman cake. We love our big five-year-old!

Isaac and Owen before the training course.


The throwing star game.

Estee showing off the water bottles.

About to blow out his candle.

Lucy in her princess dress that my mom made her and she insists on wearing every day.

Lucy with her Uncle Jared and Aunt Laura who were our very first guests to stay in our home! Our kids are borderline obsessed with them.

Laura and I took the kids on a walk down our street before church on Sunday. It was a beautiful day.

Caught another smile, victory!

It ended in a snowball fight. The kids loved it, Laura, not so much. And yes, they did have gloves on originally.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

More of the house

Laura and Jared came to surprise Isaac for his birthday celebration today. So here's some pictures of them enjoying our new house with us (pictures of the festivities to come). And yes, these are the only rooms that are close to being done which is why I keep posting them. I'll post a picture of the outside as requested on Monday when they finish the last of it.

(couch was a Craigslist find that Geoff and I painted and had upholstered, green chairs are a Craigslist find as well)

(All the chairs and stools are from the Sundance Outlet. I collected them through the last year as they went to their As Is Section. Saved a TON of money that way! I have what I call, a healthy obsession with the Tolix brand.)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

We're in!! (and I just got the internet hallalujah)

Sunday night was our first night in our beautiful new home. We've been giggling like school girls ever since. We love, love, love it. And because we love it so much, I'm biting my lip that we still have workers doing all kinds of things to it still. All those last little things add up I'm finding. I wish I could go *POOF* and it would be finished being decorated, painted, and dust free, but in the real world, those things take time and I just have to remind myself of that. I'm still making some decisions with the interior paint (we had them do it all white, and I must say it's quite glorious), but the major paint dilemma was conquered (the outside color), and I have to gush for a second and tell you that I think it's quite possibly the most perfect mix I've ever laid eyes on. Good thing it's my house, because it's definitely not for everyone!

Anyways, here's some pictures of the kids in our bathroom. Penny rounds, clawfoot tub, my cute kids and a whole lot of white = my kind of heaven.

Monday, January 11, 2010

New favorite family photo

More to come.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I realized the other night when I saw through the sliver of his doorway, him turn off his reading light and settle in to sleep...he's not a baby anymore. While his real birthday was on Christmas Day, we celebrate on January the 25th. He's five. My baby is five! When did this all happen?

Friday, January 08, 2010

Oh so close

Sorry I have been MIA from blogger lately. We had a wonderful Christmas (pictures to come), barely remember New Years Eve as we were packing, moved (thanks to lots of family!) on New Years Day to Geoff's parent's house and now all of our stuff is in the garage of our new house. I've been a little...busy.

We are so very close to moving into our new home, hopefully on Wednesday. There are still lots of little things to be done (as you can see from the picture), but overall, it's just about there!