Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Valentines Day came early at the Wright house. After lots of searching for deals, Geoff and I finally purchased some long awaited tickets to the beautiful island of Oahu! Geoff has never been before, and I've been dying to return (I went to BYU Hawaii for a year and a half). We're going in April, which means I will be quite pregnant, and therefore you wont be seeing any swimsuit shots of me on the blog at our return, so just invision me as the large rock on the sand in the picture, because that is what I will look like (but maybe not quite as dark). Geoff's sister graciously offered to watch Isaac for us which we are so grateful for and hope he is an extra good boy. I've pretty much never been more excited, get me out of the bitter cold of Utah!

Birthday party photos

Here are some pictures courtesy of Amy F. from Isaac's birthday party. We had a great time at his mini get-together with Livi, Estee, Bella and cousins Eliza and Sarah. Isaac was really excited about his train cake and helped me make trains out of candy to send all the girls home with the night before. All I heard was "choo-choo" for a full day. Isaac was also very proud of telling everyone how old he was with his fingers. What a lucky mom I am to have such a happy, funny and loving little boy!

Monday, January 29, 2007

On the potty

This was the site I came in to see last night. What a character he is! Licorice in his mouth (his potty bribery of choice) and book in hands! Though he has yet to actually be successful, we're hoping the routine does the trick. Pictures from his birthday party to come soon.

Harry and Harriet

Geoff surprised BOTH Isaac and I on Isaac's birthday with ordering two mini turtles from Florida. Since I'm not a big fan of things of that nature, Geoff has agreed to be their guardian. Isaac loves watching them in their tank, but isn't keen on touching them when they are brought out. When we asked Isaac what their names were, it truly sounded like he said Harry and Harriet, so those are their names. One is very active and the other seems, well, she might not be with us much longer...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My two year old

So Isaac really has been 2 since Christmas day, but we decided we wanted him to have his own special day, so we're celebrating it tomorrow, January 25th. Knowing that I'm going to be running around all day tomorrow, I tried to get a picture of him today. I got some cute smiling ones towards the end of our quick jaunt outside-but downloaded them and my lens had fogged over. This blasted cold weather!! I love this one though. His eyes on the large version are to die for...I may be biased though.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Dovers

I had the privilege of taking pictures of my very best friend Amy and her family today at my house. Amy is due next week with a little boy. Doesn't she look great! More pictures can be found at:

Friday, January 19, 2007

My little Mr. Incredible

Here's my little Isaac in his darling cape that his aunte Elise made him. There is an "I" on the back, but I didn't get a shot of it. Sadly , I didn't have my camera on the appropriate settings and so I didn't get any very good ones of him jumping up and down in it. Too bad, he looked real cute. Thanks Amy F. for a delicious, and much needed Lunch Group!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It's a...

Yep, it's minus an item, which means...GIRL! It's funny that just about everyone who made a guess said girl, and Geoff and I both had no clue (though my pick before the ultrasound was a girl let the record show). We're super excited and just hope she's as cute as Isaac. Let the pink shopping begin.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Shoveling with dad

Geoff took Isaac out to play in the snow while he was shoveling Saturday morning. Well of course he wanted to help out, so Geoff let him shovel with him. I threw on some shoes for the photo opp. I've decided I kind of love over exposing my pictures which snow is great for.

Playing in the snow

Geoff found out that you can double a shovel as a sled with the right sized child onboard. Isaac had such a great time and I had to beg him to come inside and take a bath. Perhaps next year I will actually get snow clothes for him so he isn't soaked through to the bone.

Going bowling

We had family date night at the BYU bowling alley. Isaac was given a play bowling set for christmas, so he was quite excited to do the real thing. I couldn't get a picture of him standing still, he was running all around, chucking balls down the lane and laughing the whole time. Fun times.

Monday, January 08, 2007

If you've got some time on your hands...and DSL

I've finally posted pictures of my sister Emily's bridal pictures, her wedding, and brother Seth's wedding as well. Phew! Still a learning process for me, but overall I'm happy with the turn out. I've learned I take much better outdoor pictures, and that snow and a wedding isn't ideal.

Seth and Caroline:
Emily's bridals:
Emily and Ryan:

Haircuts from Dad

After trying my hand a couple times at cutting Isaac's hair, I decided that Geoff should take that duty over since he cuts his own hair (what was I thinking in the first place?). Everytime Geoff cuts his hair now, Isaac also wants a haircut, with a piece of licorice of course!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Nothing like ringing in the New Year with a trip to the ER

I was mearly making guacamole for some taco dip at the cabin. Four stitches later and a severed nerve... I was no longer in the mood for dip. Thankfully the ER was only 2 minutes away.

Tractors, snowmobiles, and ATV's, oh my!

Our good friends, Josh and Caroline invited us up to their family "cabin" in Mount Pleasent for New Year's Day. It was beautiful and fun to go someplace new (aside from my incident). Isaac would not come inside. He wanted to stay on the mini tractor all day. Josh showed him how the levers worked and then he went and dug snow for a while. I went on a snowmobile for the first time and thought I saw my life flash before my eyes. Apparently their resident caretaker suped it up and now it goes over 150 mph!

Sledding at Rock Canyon Park

Geoff and my dad took all the kids to Rock Canyon park to go sledding. It was pretty evident that it has been quite the popular sledding destination. The snow was sooo slick. They all loved it, especially Isaac since it was his first time.

Making homemade Nerf footballs

Yep, you read right. My crafty husband took all the kids to his building at BYU where they mixed chemicals, added color (and glitter if you were Alysee) and poured the mixture into molds. The end result was a big mess, some cool footballs, and some facinated kids...and adults lets be honest.

Bathtime with cousins

Isaac, Alysee and Nate.