Saturday, November 28, 2009

Full of thanks...and a whole lot of food

I've always loved Thanksgiving. I think it's due to the wonderful memories I have growing up and going to my grandparent's house on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, making homemade apple cider, getting dressed up for dinner (in a stretchy skirt of course), and spending time with my cousins and aunt and uncles around a huge fire made by my grandpa.

Though we were not with MY aunts, uncles and cousins this year, my kids were with THEIRS. I'd like to think they are starting to love the holiday as much as I do and they'll look back on these years spent with family fondly.

While I did not get pictures on Thanksgiving, I did the day after when we met up with my brother, sister, grandparents and their spouses, and cousin Sofia of course. We took the kids to Wheeler farm to see the farm animals, had a yummy lunch, games, naps and out to dinner for birthday celebration for my younger sister Laura. It was a wonderful day for all. I'm thankful for ALL my family!

Lucy and Sofia.

No animals were injured in the taking of this picture. In fact, this animal was not even aware Isaac was on him. Thanks Uncle Matt for putting my son on this ridiculously huge animal!

I thought we had moved past this smile. Apparently not.