Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Under Contract

You read it right. After one week, we've accepted an offer on our house. Now I am on to freaking-out mode as we will be homeless in a month until our house gets built. Anyone renting??

Aside from the good news mentioned above, I'm going to keep it real and just let you know that health-wise this has been the worst two weeks of my life. Wisdom teeth removal: one of the worst and most painful experiences of my life. Ulcer on tonsil: also horrible, akin to swallowing a knife. Cold: annoying. Combine all these AT THE SAME TIME and you have one irritable and starving lady. I'm happy to say I am on the mend now and starting to remember that life isn't so bad.

Even on my worst of days, seeing these two best buddies together makes me smile: