Saturday, September 05, 2009

A little less wise

I had my wisdom teeth removed yesterday. You may be wondering why a 29 year old is just now getting them removed. The answer to that would be that they haven't bothered me, and voluntarily putting myself in pain I have reserved only for childbirth. But, after much hounding from my dentist, I finally agreed as long as I could be put out and not hear and or see the process.

The morning started out with Geoff asking the receptionist if he had to sign something to give his consent for me to be "gassed". At least she thought that was funny. I remember very little of the events following so Geoff has now filled me in on all my drugged-state antics. Since I don't drink, I've wondered what kind of a drunk I would be. I now know that I would be a "frugal drunk". On the drive home Geoff went to take me to get a Jamba juice. I apparently had a coupon for it that I reminded him about nearly 20 times. When we got home, Geoff told me to take out the gauze and put some new ones in while he got me some lovely Lortab. While doing so I fainted on the floor and Geoff nearly called an ambulance as I took 2 or 3 minutes for me to come to, even when he had my head in the sink splashing me with water!

Geoff put Lucy down for a nap and took Isaac to work with him and to run a couple errands. At some point during this time we earned the Horrible Parents of the Year award. I heard Lucy's bedroom door open and assumed that Geoff had gone in to get her up and I drifted back to sleep. When Geoff got home a half hour later, he asked me if I had gotten Lucy up. Apparently my 2 year old chose yesterday to start getting out of her crib by herself and went outside to play.

Incidentally, if you'd like to live in a down right darling home on a dreamy street where your child can roam safely for a half hour without parental supervision, we're selling our home...for real this time. Tell your friends, tell your parents, and if you want to post it on your blog to get the word out there more, I'd be oh so grateful! We're building, and I've never been more excited.