Friday, March 27, 2009

The discoveries I made at Discovery Gateway (Children's Museum)

Discovery #1
Call beforehand to see if A. all of the surrounding SLC schools just happened to be out, and B. if about 20 preschools have arranged to come on that same day.

Discovery #2
If A and B are in place, NEVER, I mean, NEVER go, unless you want to lose your children, AND the adult you came with every 30 seconds.

Discovery #3
While vans are spacious, getting food to four children in one requires the flexibility of a contortionist.

Discovery #4
I would rather pull my own hair out piece by piece then put myself in this situation again.

That being said, I did get some pictures when we apparently were having a good time:

Isaac's favorite part is the construction section.

Flying the helicopter.

Lucy Lu



And if you ask me to go here again Amy, the answer is no. Unless of course it's been a year and I've forgotten this fiasco.