Sunday, September 28, 2008

Almost 16 months

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These pictures just about sum up the summer with Lucy. Skinned knees, dirt in the mouth, and wearing only a diaper.

She's my little garden helper, though I find it hard to explain to a sixteen-month-old why we can pick some of the veggies and not others. Or leave some of the plants in and take out other (weeds). She's content to just sit in the dirt with a shovel digging, and occasionally sampling the dirt.

Our garden continues to produce in leaps in bounds. So far I've frozen 17 bags of pesto (made from our basil), dried and frozen diced tomatoes, frozen 18 bags of cut corn (not from our garden), and "put up" 24 quarts of peaches. And believe me, we've eaten a whole lot too. I would say we've been quite productive in the garden department thus far. I'm sad to think it will be gone soon and I'll be staring a pale pink tomato in the face.