Monday, January 25, 2010

Birthday weekend

Isaac could not have been more excited to FINALLY get to celebrate his birthday. He requested a Batman theme (who in reality he knows next to nothing about), so we obliged. We had a Super Hero training course, a Batman throwing star game, and a lunch filled with yellow and black items (sandwiches cut into a bat, blue corn tortilla chips and queso dip, pineapple and olives) and of course, a Batman cake. We love our big five-year-old!

Isaac and Owen before the training course.


The throwing star game.

Estee showing off the water bottles.

About to blow out his candle.

Lucy in her princess dress that my mom made her and she insists on wearing every day.

Lucy with her Uncle Jared and Aunt Laura who were our very first guests to stay in our home! Our kids are borderline obsessed with them.

Laura and I took the kids on a walk down our street before church on Sunday. It was a beautiful day.

Caught another smile, victory!

It ended in a snowball fight. The kids loved it, Laura, not so much. And yes, they did have gloves on originally.