Thursday, January 31, 2008

Valentines Craft

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I always love admiring other people's crafts, but when it comes to me actually DOING them, it generally doesn't happen. So, with actual scissors in hand and some friends for encouragement, I cut AND glued paper. I know you are all impressed. Now what you might want to know is that as I glued these papers together on a frenzied craft-high, I quickly hit rock bottom as I realized that I had done it all inside out. So, this isn't how this paper globe is suppose to look, but I was determined to finish it none-the-less. Let's be honest, I'm still proud of it, I mean, I BLANKET STITCHED for crying-out-loud.

I also may have had Geoff stand in front of it at 11pm and tell me I am a Craft Queen. I have no shame when it comes to crafts.

Click here if you want to see what it was suppose to look like.