Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day, from our house to yours!

Geoff and I have been out working a lot in the yard lately so I thought I'd show it off a bit (mostly for praise from my mother, lets be honest). Our garden is all planted in the back and we can't WAIT for all the fresh produce we'll be taking in by the loads. Looks like today will be beautiful. We plan on doing some stuff around the house, buying a new BBQ, and putting it to use. What will you be doing today to celebrate? My sister and her kids will be "adopting a solider" for the day, what a great idea!

As a side note: No, these are not all our flags. Geoff has been incharge of putting these out in ward member's yards, and they stopped doing it this year. We have them all out infront of our house for people to take. Kind of wish they were all mine though.