Monday, September 10, 2007

Fun weekend

After Geoff's amazing performance at the triathlon, we headed up to SLC for a little R and R. Our friend invited us to his parent's new house. We've heard them joke that it is the "Versailles of Utah". Um, yeah. It really was. I seriously wanted to take my camera and document it, but that would have been weird and I was enjoying myself in the pool. Instead I took a couple pictures of Isaac in front of these MASSIVE columns (which had to be railroaded in!). It was nice to spend time with our Salt Lake friends and swim to our heart's content.

*As an update for "Gail", whoever you are...Isaac has finally expressed some interest in potty training. After hundreds of failed attempts and pleadings, a trip to the dollar store seems to have done the trick in at least getting him interested in going.