Sunday, August 26, 2007

Happy SIX YEAR Anniversary

I intended on posting a picture of us from our wedding, but I don't have any on hand right now--I'll post one later for your viewing enjoyment. This is us this weekend, about to dine on delicious sushi at Hapa Grill in Park City.

We had a wonderful weekend. Geoff's dad took Isaac back to their house after the traithalon (Jordanelle) and Geoff and I headed off to Park City for a delightful evening of shopping, fine dining, and a movie (Lucy did awesome!). The night was made even sweeter by Lucy sleeping the ENTIRE night! Totally unexpected as she has been sleeping horribly lately and had had yet to sleep through the night. Oh sweet sleep! Then, to top it off, the hotel comped our room because our crazy, and apparently drunk neighbor, was banging on our adjoining door at 4 in the morning.

What a wonderful weekend, and what a wonderful man I married. I'm thankful for every day that I get to spend with him. He's an incredible husband, father and best friend. I literally could not ask for more.