Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hogle Zoo

With a day off due to Pioneer Day (a Utah holiday), we decided to take a trip to the zoo! It ended up being really pleasent weather, we didn't even mind the mini rainstorm towards the end of our time there. Isaac loved it all, especially the elephants and monkeys.

We forgot our stroller...you'd think we were first time parents or something. Though this "Express Wagon" didn't end up being very...express, it did actually end up being just the perfect thing for the zoo. Isaac could jump in an out when he wanted, and Lucy had a comfy ride.

For all of you who have compared the length of my neck to that of a giraffe's, here is a shot of me embracing my long-neckedness. And incidentally, no I do not do my hair like this everyday, just when photos are being taken apparently.

My favorite shot of Isaac watching the monkeys in their glass cage.

Miss Lucy Lu checking out the animal scenery.