Sunday, March 11, 2007

On to the next project

So here's a fairly sick picture of me working on our newest project. Yes, in true Wright fashion, we have to turn everything into a major event. We're moving Isaac upstairs into the guest room and of course that means we have to repaint the whole thing and redecorate. You can't tell the color in this picture, but we're painting over the "goldish" color, to be a light gray. The alcove area where the dormer window is, is now red. It's done, but I thought I'd wait to take a picture till we have the new carpet in etc. I'm getting in organizing mode, so I'm anxious to get this room done and tackle the baby's room next. So, for all those asking, here is a picture of the 28 week belly, and a long post about my tendancies to turn everyhing into a project.