Thursday, February 22, 2007

Isaac's Eye Surgery

Before the surgery.

Isaac's surgery monkey.

Giving daddy love.

An anxious mommy. Can you tell I'm not a morning person??

Today we took Isaac in at 5:45am for his eye surgery. His tear ducts have been clogged or closed since he was born and we decided for his quality of vision, that it was time to take care of it. It was a very simple and speedy surgery (Probe and Irragation), all of about 5 minutes that he was under, still it was a bit nerve -racking for two parents who've never been through something like this before. He was a very brave boy though and didn't even cry when they took him back. When he came back to us, one of his eyes was bloody and so was his nose, but other than that he was just fine! I have a whole new respect for those parents out there who have to see their babies being taken away from them and put their trust in a doctor, it's not an easy thing. We feel blessed that this was only a very minor thing, and that he is doing just fine now.