Thursday, October 19, 2006

Busy week

I finally have a quick moment to post something about my week. Nathan and Parker (my nephews from Geoff's side of the family) have been staying with us the past couple of days while their parents are in Mexico. We've had a great time! Sadly the weather hasn't been too nice, so I've taken very few pictures. Yesterday we went to BYU and had a JDawg (best dawgs ever if you haven't had them_) and then went to the Nickelcade (which they had to be pried from a hour later), and then later in the evening we went to BYU for their open swim. I was so sad when they told me I wasn't allowed to take pictures! Apparently they thought I might take pictures of speedo wearers or something. The boys looked so cute swimming around with Geoff in their lifevests, and Nate even went off the highdive a couple times by himself! Alas, the only pictures I have from it is off a shivering Isaac in the locker room.