Monday, June 19, 2006

Oh what an exciting morning

I woke up at 8am to hear some large item in our back alley way. Isaac had had a rough night, so we were sleeping in a bit, all of us but Geoff who can't sleep past 7am. I look out the window to see Geoff in a large back-ho with our friend who lives down the street. Geoff had purchased some poly-pavement to do our back entry area by our garage and needed the back-ho to level the area. After successfully and quite beautifully if I might add, doing so, they headed over to our friend's house down the street to take up his driveway to do the same thing. I went over there with Isaac to watch the festivities and offered to watch their youngest boy while the mom took their other boys to swim lessons. After taking up all the old concrete, our friend decided to dig a hole to re-route some piping with the back-ho. This is where things took a turn for the worse. As he did so, we heard a loud hissing noise. Geoff yelled "Grab the kids, it's the gasline!". So I grabbed the two boys and took off running down the street to our house. They called 911 and after a disappointing 10 minutes or so, they finally came. But, they didn't know how to turn off the gasline. By this time, the whole neighborhood is out and the air smells of gas. A half hour later, Quest finally showed up and turned it off. Thankfully, nothing major happened and was more of a potential scare than anything. I of course brought the camera out to document the event.